About Vogo

About Vogo

Welcome to Vogo Designs!

V stands for Victorious (Victoria is my confirmation name) and Ogo is my name. So Vogo simply mean: Victorious Ogo


Ogo Maduewesi is a Vitiligo patient leader, a changemaker,  a social entrepreneur, Skin Health & appearance-related concerns, self-love, self-acceptance and digital storytelling enthusiast.
Ogo is a motivator, people developer. she inspires self-love and self-acceptance for genuine self-confidence, social inclusion and inner peace. This is in people who don’t see the light in life especially when their appearance is challenged. Ogo loves creating hand-designed fabrics and designing wearables and accessories from it, she believes we can change how handmade African fabrics is perceived and appreciated locally and internationally.

It was someday in 2007 after I lost my job due to challenges with my skin condition, Vitiligo (I was diagnosed in 2005), I was discussing casually with my friend on what next to do as I was not interested in going for further interviews where they keep asking me what happened to my skin, some avoiding and socially excluding me. We found out we both love tie dye and batik and would love to learn, we went straight to popular Akerele Street in Surulere Lagos to enquire about the training and that was how it all started.

Unfortunately, I had to stop the business (for 6years) as coming in contact with the chemical dye was aggravating my vitiligo. I was just going through so much stress at the time and my Vitiligo progressed wildly under stress. I stopped and within same time founded Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation – VITSAF. I focused on the organisation which was quite stressful too, but in a different way as I found fulfilment and opportunity to meet quite a number of people living with Vitiligo and being able to help been relly fulfillin.  In June, 2014 I relaunched Vogo Designs to mark my 40th and again casually called on my Vitiligo sisters to come model the clothes for me, it turned out really amazing, that act impacted lives positively and gave hope beyond the shores of Nigeria. The feedback was mind-blowing, others with Vitiligo called that I should please give them such opportunity. Most of the ladies who took part were exclaiming, I didn’t know I could do it…

I however left it off again (to sort out some internal issues) till 2016, I refocused and restrategized following the experiences from my 40th which inspired me to refocus Vogo Designs to building self-confidence of those with skin condition (beyond just Vitiligo) and visible differences. Throughout my years of living with Vitiligo, so often have I seen the damage that low self-esteem, negativity, insecurity and anxiety can do to people. That is where I come in, of course, I strive to encourage and build green self-confidence of individuals living with Skin conditions and Visible differences, especially women and girls. Uninfluenced by negative thinking, societal demand, societal expectations, fear of the unknown and instead shifting the focus to self-acceptance & self-love (positive self-image) and being grateful for what we have.

Vogo Designs is socially responsible clothing line that supports to builds self-confidence of individuals living with Skin conditons & visible differences. Vogo works solely with individuals living with skin conditions and visible differences as her Models.  We also support VITSAF www.vitsaf.org donating % of profits and collaborating. We make hand design African fabrics (batik, tie dye & woven fabrics) into ready to wear unisex clothes, bags, dye framed prints and accessories.

At Vogo Designs, our models are strictly individuals living with skin conditions and visible differences.

Vogo Designs strive to provide you with an everyday wear that is simple with unique designs, quality materials (mainly Linen, Chinos and cotton fabrics) and styles that always make a statement.  In Vogo, we keep spirit of customization for each customer, you cannot find a fabric design made into more than 3 clothes except on request.

Do Good.
Buy and support –
*Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation – VITSAF.
*Building green self-confidence of individuals living with skin conditions and appearance-related concerns.

I truly would love to hear from you about what you love and what you don’t like about our handmade African fabrics – tie-dye and batik. Join us to build this great and socially impacting business, your feedback will be of great help, let’s know what you would like to see from Vogo  Designs.

We are building our online store, in the meantime please follows us on Instagram and Facebook for our works. To order and For further enquiries Contact me

Thank you so much for stopping by my shop today, I appreciate you. Please tell your friends and family about our works.

Much more about me is on my personal Blog www.ogomaduewesi.com.