About Vogo

About Vogo Designs

Vogo Designs was founded by Ogo Maduewesi, an Ashoka Fellow, a Making More Health MMH Fellow, a Social Entrepreneur, textile artist, and digital storytelling enthusiast. She is a vitiligo patient leader  and a changemaker focused on making big positive impacts in the lives of Sub-Saharan Africans living with skin conditions and visible differences. More about Ogo on Ogo Maduewesi Blog 


Vogo Designs gets its name from the fusion of “V” for “Victorious” - Ogo’s confirmation name is Victoria - and the first name of the founder. The brand is an extension of Ogo’s desire to inspire self-love and self-acceptance for genuine self-confidence, social inclusion, and inner peace of primarily individuals living with skin conditions and visible difference.


Through Vogo Designs, Ogo gets to practice her passion of working with handcrafted textiles, and she also hopes to change the way African handmade fabrics are perceived around the world in quality and fair trade.


In 2007, Ogo began the journey that led to Vogo Designs. After losing a job due to her skin condition, Ogo and a friend went to Akerele Street in Surulere Lagos to learn about tie dye and batik. Chemicals from the dyes and stress caused her skin condition to worsen, which took her away from the art for 6 years. In 2014, Ogo relaunched the company to celebrate her 40th birthday. She took a short break from the company and returned in 2016 with a refocused, restrategized plan.

Now, Vogo Designs stands as a socially responsible clothing line that strives to build the self-confidence of those with skin conditions and visible differences. The company also supports Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF) through donations and collaborations.


All the clothing here was made from handmade African textile (batik, tie dye and woven fabrics), and all models are living with skin conditions and visible differences.


Vogo Designs is committed to providing customers around the world with everyday wear featuring unique designs, quality materials, and eye-catching styles. At Vogo Designs, we keep the spirit of customization for each customer.

***In the next 2years, we hope to kick off with Ogo Maduewesi Scholarship awards, annual scholarships to help improve the quality of life of vulnerable children affected by skin conditions and visible difference.  The focus of the scholarship is on supporting primary to secondary education for children living with chronic skin diseases.

***Vogo Designs biggest Goal is to support the Vitiligo cause in Sub-Saharan Africa through Grants and Donations.

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